Walter Pölzl



For me photography means "painting with the camera". 


I get inspiration for my works during my walks, where the camera often accompanies me. At the moment, I am mainly photographing in my original home, Southern Styria, and in my new home Vienna. 


By emphasizing aspects of an image and playing with symmetries and algorithms, unique, sometimes surprising effects are finally created in the works. 


Let yourself be enchanted and feel the passion and emotions in the pictures!

Ramona Pregler

For me photography is passion and medium at the same time!


That's why I used the time from 2015 to 2018 to take as first step the Course for Applied and Artistic Photography and subsequently to attend the diploma year at the Prague School of Photography.


For me, the focus is on the visualization of visible and invisible stories and emotions.

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I found my passion in photography so I took the plunge into the unknown and turned my hobby into a profession in 2014.

It is clear to me that I am in a profession in which real sizes work. Nevertheless, I am convinced that my photos are differ - as there are never two identical people.


It is important to me to address people with my photos and to leave messages an arouse emotions.


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Herbert Schwarz

The photography has always  been part of my life and I'm excited about it. Therefore I graduated from the Prague School of Photography for applied and artistic photography in 2018. I like to play with light and shadow and to show the different appearance of the subject by changing the angle of view. 


This kind of passion can be seen in my pictures. Sometimes the motives are clear, but I also like to play with emotions. From time to time it might be something like an experiment and I try to bring the viewer of my pictures  into my special world. 


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Heinz Stockhammer



I have been photographing since I was ten years old and am a passionate photographer.
In 2016, I graduated from the Prague School of Photography for applied and artistic photography.

Besides the main use of digital photography, I still photograph analogue with small, medium and large format cameras on black and white film.
Let my portfolio put you in dreams.